The contribution of presenters is critical and ECCI 2024 values input from presenters greatly. The call for abstacts is now open. Please click here to open the abstract submission portal.


ECCI 2024 welcomes abstract submission in the following topics:

  1. Pathogenesis

    Pathogenesis at the maternal-fetal interface, (neuro)pathogenesis, inner ear pathogenesis, non-primary infection.

  2. Vaccines and Primary Prevention

    Prevention, awareness, hygienic measures, immunoglobulins, vaccines, vaccine modelling.

  3. Screening - prenatal and (targeted) neonatal screening

    Disease burden, long-term outcome, prenatal screening, (targeted/universal) neonatal screening, saliva, DBS, cost-effectiveness, national policy, ethics.

  4. Prenatal and postnatal policy and prognosis

    Secondary prevention, fetal therapy, postnatal antiviral therapy, prognosis of long-term outcome by imaging (ultrasound, MRI), prenatal and postnatal prognostic markers, results from European Registries.


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