The ECCI programme aims to promote interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, educate young professionals, address gaps in congenital CMV understanding, facilitate global networking, present influential research, and discuss intervention policies. It includes symposiums, expert lectures, research presentations, and discussions on pathogenesis, prevention, screening, and treatment. 

Please note, the programme of ECCI is still under construction. As a result, the programme may undergo changes

Keynote speakers:

We are excited to unveil that our upcoming conference will feature seven esteemed keynote speakers who will delve into the latest advancements in the European Congenital Cytomegalovirus Initiative (ECCI). These experts will elaborate on cutting-edge research, innovative treatments, and emerging trends in the field of congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, offering valuable insights to our audience.


  • Promoting the multidisciplinary exchange of knowledge and ideas
  • Teaching young PhD students and doctors about the state of the art in the field of clinical diagnostics and care
  • Demonstrate what is known in the field of congenital CMV and what the knowledge gaps are that require attention in the future
  • To meet and talk to experts from all over the world
  • Present more basic or translational research that may influence our clinical policy
  • Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of implementing national intervention policy

  • How we achieve these goals:

  • A separate symposium (Wednesday afternoon) on State of the Art in clinical diagnosis and care for congenital CMV. This symposium is open to clinicians (in training), but is also included in the registration of the ECCI meeting
  • Inviting experts to the symposium and for keynote lectures
  • Facilitating oral and poster presentations for young researchers and clinicians
  • Sufficient time within and outside the program to discuss and enter into collaborations

  • Main topics

    1. Pathogenesis and prognostic markers

      Pathogenesis at the maternal-fetal interface, prognosis of long-term outcome by imaging (ultrasound, MRI), prenatal and postnatal prognostic markers, (neuro)pathogenesis, inner ear pathogenesis, results from European Registries

    2. Vaccines and Primary Prevention

      Prevention, awareness, hygienic measures, immunoglobulins, vaccines, vaccine modelling.

    3. Screening -prenatal and (targeted) neonatal screening

      Disease burden, long-term outcome, prenatal screening, (targeted/universal) neonatal screening, saliva, DBS, cost-effectiveness, national policy, ethics

    4. Prenatal and postnatal treatment

      Secondary prevention, fetal therapy, postnatal antiviral therapy, (inter)national guidelines


    ECCI 2024 is organised in cooperation with Congress by design, the appointed Professional Congress Organiser.

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